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There is nothing better than knowing that our dogs are in a happy home.  Some haven't had a good start in life, so we can't always quote their real names, and some may no longer be with us, but it's great to know they are and were loved unconditionally.  




We adopted Ace in November 2014, aged 15 months.  He quickly became one of the family as he transformed from an uncontrollable whirlwind to a controllable one!  He is full of life; loves tennis balls, running and eating!  We are very grateful to LRK for bringing Ace into our lives and hope that he enjoys living with us as much as we enjoy having him.  


Aston and Prada

Aston  Prada

Aston and Prada have now been with me for next six months (as at Sept 2012) and have really settled in well.  The first time they entered the house, I have to admit I wondered what I had let myself in for as I had only had one quiet Lab before, not two boisterous, unruly ones, friendly enough, but with very little in the way of manners, so I quickly had to come up with a game plan!  It was clear from the start that they hadn't been taught any road sense, so every day I walked them to the fields the long way, so they eventually learnt the sit/heel/wait commands and when in the fields how to return when called.  I did this over a couple of months as they were still learning about me and their new life.  I also took them to the New Forest and they loved it.  Prada now has a new hobby chasing rabbits and Aston is still learning that there is more to life than chasing a ball.  Incidentally, when they first came, everything revolved around treats, so being older dogs, I swapped the treats for affection which has worked wonders in their training, so much so they now both walk to heel off the lead and after their walks, they like nothing better than sleeping on their double duvet, patiently waiting for Sunday as that's their treat day - a bone each!

Bailey and Deedee

Bailey and DeedeeAfter losing our old Labrador in the summer of 2010 we decided to go to Discover Dogs at Olympia to prepare for a new dog.  Here we saw the Labrador Rescue Kent stand with Bailey and Dezel, two dogs looking to be rehomed together.  Bailey "Robert Redford" caught our eye with his big smile and friendly greeting.  We were only looking for one dog, but after careful thought and consideration that evening, decided that as they were used to being together we would apply to rehome them together.  I can honestly say that one year on I cannot imagine being without both of them.  Each has their own personality; Bailey, aged 10, is very bright and responded really quickly to the firm, but kind training.  Dezel, aged 7, was a little shy, but is a delight.  Bailey is now a much slimmer boy and even more handsome!  Dezel (now Deedee) was a bit shy at first, but soon came out of her shell when she got into the new routine of things.  She has been spayed which has given her a new lease of life.  They have great toys to play with, run in the garden and go to the park to play with other dogs and in the evening sleep soundly.  The wonderful thing is that they are both together, as they will be always, in their forever home! 

Bailey and Teddy

Bailey and Teddy

We adopted Bailey and Teddy in July 2014.  All that we knew about them was that they were brothers, aged 3 and they were black. They arrived with us the same day we arrived home from a Caribbean holiday as a complete surprise to our two tired, grumpy and jet lagged boys. They have been in love with them from that moment! They have been with us for 6 months now, and are settled in as part of our family. Thank you Labrador Rescue!  Love from the B family. 


Chester 2
18 months ago we made the sad descion to have our beautiful German shepherd put to sleep. We gave ourselves a year before deciding we missed a dog in our lives and we would take on a rescue dog. We contacted LRK and after a few weeks had a phone call followed by a visit by Roy who told us about a 5 and a half year old dog and showed us pictures.  He sounded just right for us. Would we have him the next day! Of course we said yes.  A concern was that we were expecting our 2 and a half year old grandson for the weekend. We need not have worried Chester arrived and made himself at home, after a walk in the field they both settled down on the mat together.  Chester has settled in well he was overweight when he arrived but has now lost weight and has more energy he is very loving and has become a favourite in the village!


Harvey Harvey joined us when he was 9 months old and he already had two homes, not through his own fault though.  Harvey is three and a half now and has filled the gap our last Labrador had left and it was only a week before he joined us.  He settled in so well and after a few problems of finding the muddy puddles in the field every walk, he eventually learnt not to go in!  He has a lovely life as he runs in the fields with our neighbour's two Black Labs.  Such a stickler for routine is Harvey, he clunks his teeth together if it is the right time for a biscuit!  He even lets himself out of the door to the dog/boot room if it's time for bed.  He is so much loved by all the family and even enjoys it when the dog sitters come to stay while we are away.  




We picked Jack up from Carol on Good Friday 2008.  He was 6 months old, a bit of a hooligan by reputation.  It soon was apparent that he craved affection so he learned to sit for a cuddle instead of jumping up!!  The phrase "what do good boys do?" are his magic words, causing him to hit the floor with a glazed expression, one paw lifted for the coming stroking.  He is the most devoted, affectionate dog. We are truly lucky to have him.  


JazzI first met Dave and Heather when my previous home could not cope with me anymore.  I was a real escape artist and the dog warden had warned my owners of the consequences if he was called again.  I stayed with Dave and Heather as a foster dog for the first few days, but I was so quiet and well-behaved (a little bemused and nervous actually) that they decided to keep me.  Ha-ha!  I could now show my real colours!  Well, I do like food (after all I am a Labrador) so the first time that they knew about this side of me was when I stole a pizza that Dave had kindly left on the work surface.  Since then I have eaten a whole curry or two, several packs of butter, cheese and the other dogs' food.  (If it is full, pick it up from the nearside; if empty, pick up from the back - simple!).  I can also take heavy pans from the sink to give them a really good clean.  I like to raid the kitchen bin and cupboards and the work surface if anything is left there.  Unfortunately they have now got the measure of me and so I have to be a good girl and have been taught not to do all of these things (although it's always at the back of my mind!).  Murphy, one of their other dogs is my truest, bestest friend, but I am the bossy one and do try to drag him around by his collar at times and I get told off for this, but I also love to lie beside him whilst he rests his head on me as we lie in the sun, side by side.  It's great when we go for a walk together and the two of us get to run in the woods.  Despite my naughtiness, I know that I am loved to bits and that I am in my "Forever Home" forever.  P.S. I always have my eye on the kitchen bin.  Love Jazz



JetJet came to us after our previous Lab, Boris (who was also from Lab Rescue Kent) was put to sleep.  Contact was made and within a day there was a reply to say they had a male black dog named Jet who was currently in kennels due to an emergency placement.  When we met Jet he bounded at us from afar, nearly knocking us off our feet!  When he finally was on all four feet, loving the contact and fuss we were making of him, I could see Jet would thrive in my household and my daughter begged "Please I need him to come home with me NOW" and I begged for us to be allowed to take him there and then.  Jet had had no training about how to act around humans and wouldn't think anything of trying to jump onto my lap whilst I was eating and so on the first day we taught him how to sit, lie down and to give us his paw for a treat.  Although, he became so good at the paw trick, he used it constantly when there was any food around!  On walks he pulled so much we invested in a harness which he chewed until we found a thicker one and although he still sometimes tries to get it off, we use it with success.  Additionally, Jet did not understand how to behave around other dogs, so intensive socialising was needed with reminders not to bark or growl or even urinate up other dogs!  We spent hours in the local park waiting for unsuspecting dogs to come by so Jet could practise his new skills!  At times Jet forgot how he should behave and lots of treats were needed to bring him back on track.  On walks we did try to let him off a couple of times during the first 6 months, but after doing the two minute mile a couple of times, we invested in a heavy duty long lead which allowed him more freedom to explore.  It is only now on our seventh month of having him I can now let him off, confident he will remain reasonably close and respond to my voice, whereas before he just ignored me!  Jet's passion is food and he would like to eat and eat so this will be an on-going issue and we need to monitor his behaviour to ensure he doesn't take food which isn't his.  My teenagers love the fact he can run so fast and keep up with all their activities such as playing catch, swimming in the sea, ball games and dressing up.  I have seen Jet in lots of different hats and costumes which bizarrely he doesn't take off, but parades around, wagging his tail happily knowing that he is part of the fun and games.  We again have found the dog of our dreams.  Thank you Lab Rescue. 



Max came to us aged 7 months from a home that found him too boisterous.  He will be 4 in September and is really part of the family now.  He has the loveliest nature imaginable and I don't know what we would do without him.  He is a Lab/Cocker Spaniel and we were lucky to be in the right place at the right time, as I know LRK usually only takes Labs.  



We adopted Molly in 2010 after her owners couldn't care for her any more due to illness. She made her presence felt immediately by going straight into the garden and eating all the baby tomatoes off the plant our daughter was growing for a school project!  Molly was very reserved and unaffectionate at first and we think she had never had much attention - but she's gradually come out of her shell and is now a much loved member of our family.  



nutterThat's not our dog's real name, but he was abandoned and treated badly.  However, with love and care he has blossomed and quite frankly has become a nutter!  He is having the puppyhood that he probably never had.  We're not sure how old he is and he is becoming quite grey now, but he is also epileptic and each time he has a fit, he seems to get greyer.  He's survived twisted stomach (picked up a chicken bone when out on a walk!) and although he has several fits a year, he comes out of them and the first thing he wants is some food!  He totally rules the house, but to see him so happy and a healthy 28 kilo's after we took on a 19 kilo skinny little urchin, is fantastic. Because of his health problems, we don't know how long we will have him, but rest assured that he has found his "forever home" and all the love that he could wish for. 

Ollie B

Ollie B

Ollie came to live with us four years ago, aged 8, after our previous LRK dog, Louis, had passed away. Ollie immediately set to work and soon got us well trained to meet his very stringent requirements for a happy doggie life, e.g. taking over the sofa, etc! Now an OAP, he is slowing down a little, but is still "he who must be obeyed"!!



Ollie P

Ollie POllie came into our family and he bonded with my daughter very quickly and they are now totally devoted to each other.  We've also discovered that Ols loves the snow and gets really excited when we go for a walk which involves chasing snow balls.  I was told he was uncontrollable around water when I got him and that was no understatement!  Fortunately, he can now be controlled when he is swimming, but he is still very excitable and we always gather quite a crowd when he goes in the river and people have even asked if they can take pictures and videos of him splashing about.  Ols is still in good health (as at Sept 2012), as he should be for his age, although probably everyone says this about their dog!  He is the most affectionate, well behaved, loving and devoted dog I will ever have the good fortune of owning.  Dogs don't get much better than my Ollie Boy.  

Update as at March 2014 - Ollie's owner let us know that he is still doing well.  He is getting on a bit, so is slowing down, but has never really grown up and is still a puppy at heart!



RRodney odney (previously called Rocco) joined our family in the spring of 2012 and announced his arrival by helping himself to a bread roll that had rather carelessly been left at the back of the work surface in the kitchen within 15 seconds of entering our home!  Despite this embarrassing initial faux pas, he has subsequently wormed his way into our affections with his remarkable combination of hogging the fire, commandeering the armchair and the occasional episode of room-clearing wind!  He's a champ, our old Rodney, and we love him dearly.  




ScoobyWhen Scooby first arrived on that dry, sunny Saturday in November 2011, I wasn't quite sure what I had received!  This large, black, heavily panting and highly excited animal launched himself into the back garden and completed about eight circuits before wearing himself out sufficiently to need a drink!  He seemed disorientated and confused and I started to wonder if I was going to be able to manage him.  Although I work in the church now, I had recently completed 25 years in the Metropolitan Police and so am not really a weakling.  Nevertheless, this approximately 6 stone bundle of power who, at the time, seemed virtually uncontrollable, made me feel more than a little bit daunted and apprehensive!  Our first few days were quite difficult.  His strength, coupled with his settling-in process effectively wore me (and him!) out.  But, he had already become a sort of "friend" even after such a short time and I really didn't want to put him through the trauma of being passed onto another new home, so I asked Labrador Rescue for help and it came, readily and generously, in the forms of Mick and Heather and I shall always be grateful to them for their patience, kindness and advice.  I have willingly invested lots of time and effort in Scooby's training and have had procedures carried out by the vet on the advice of the aforementioned people and the effects have been quite amazing.  He's like a different dog.  He has become extremely obedient (most of the time!) and eager to learn.  His lovely temperament and slightly mischievous character have become apparent and he is excellent company.  We walk and jog miles and he seems a very happy dog.  I am definitely a very happy owner and I could never imagine being without him now.  I feel neither ashamed nor embarrassed to say that "I love Scooby to bits" and I shall always be grateful to Labrador Rescue Kent for their wonderful and compassionate work.  Scooby was 3 years old on November 5th 2012.  The picture above was taken whilst charging round a park with a Labrador friend, who is a Guide Dog for the Blind.  


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